Thursday, May 13, 2010

An old post...finally posted

Friends! We've arrived in Siem Reap! And our hotel has working internet!
So...after much internet is an older post that I wrote and never was able to upload. We're leaving for the frog pond building in 5 minutes! I'll surely post more tonight. As you all are sleeping right now I'm sure at 3am...we're in 98 or so degree weather and heading outdoors. Love from Siem Reap!

Wednesday, May 12-so...I'm sad in my heart...I had a sweet post about this morning's team time several hours ago when we were having Internet problems...I went to post it and it read "cannot locate this site"I lost my entire post. I will have to remember what I all I wrote.We spent team time at the Kane's this morning. Kent Good spent some time explaining to us how complicated it is to share and be gospel in NW Cambodia. we discussed the complexities of multi-cultures, language, socio-economic status, religion, and traditions. Each one opens the door to a million questions that only time, patience, prayer, and local-help can begin to answer.we were able to meet 6 of the Cambodian ministry partners for lunch today and heard their testimonies...I love hearing how God has led these men through personal hardship to bring them to himself. they aren't just believers...they are fully devoted disciples working daily for the kingdom. we joined them out in three villages today to see the first water well that Suran built, to see some micro-enterprises of frogs, mushrooms, and fish...learning SO much. The people are very welcoming...their homes humble but loving.

Ask us about the countryside...we've seen hours of it on the road. Cows cross the road and everything...wish I had a video recorder...we could have been video blogging this trip. :)

Sorry that post was short but I HAD to get something up there...the team is well...all fairly heathly...and haven't had any food problems either. praise the Lord!


'Bodia Team 2010

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  1. So good to be hearing about the trip finally.
    Scott, is back up. You probably know that...but that was the only way I would know about this blog. I love you and am praying for all of you.
    Love Mom