Monday, May 10, 2010

Chilling' in Seoul...

Well, we finally made it to Seoul.... Voted best airport in the world 5 years in a row.
We only have about 2 hours here till we board another plane for the 5 and a half hour flight to Cambodia.
Korean Airlines, it's the only way to travel, but... It still stinks. Not sure how I can so quickly forget how awful it is to be stuck in a plane for 14 hours straight.
Anyway, enough complaining.... We made it safely this far.


  1. i love airports. a lot. but not so much the many hours stuck on an airplane.

  2. praying for all of you that you will be blest and a blessing to those there

  3. we flew China airlines. but I know what you mean about waiting... we had a seven hour layover on our way home. Praying for you guys!