Sunday, May 16, 2010

At the airport in PP...starting the journey via air

Well friends, we've arrived at the airport in Phnom Penh. We have just over an hour before our flight leaves for Seoul, South Korea--we'll fly out at noon, Winona Lake time. Thanks for your prayers.

We've said our good byes to the staff here, the Kanes, the Goods, the Wises, and Jenn...and even had time to stop by Lucky Burger for dinner. We've checked in our bags and no one had to pull any souvenirs out...all that weight was accepted the first time around...what a blessing!

The bus ride from Siem Reap was interesting. We had a wire break in the AC line...which meant the bus became very hot, very fast. Praise God we had it fixed within 30 minutes at a local shop in one of the villages we were passing through. Some of our pit stops were nicer than others, but we always made it to an eatery instead of having to stop in the bushes like they threatened to do for me. :)

Heather is feeling a lot better, thanks for praying for her. We had some sweet moments on the bus where we all laughed really hard. Who knew that Connor and I had so much in common?!
Abigail and Emily were great partners in laughter as Connor and I kept being ridiculous.
I didn't realize we'd become the center of attention on the bus til we all looked up and the people in the very front and those in the back were just staring in wonder...shaking their heads at us.

Random bus fun...
Would you like butter or mayo on that ham and cheese?
Tether down the curtains!
Inside jokes that DON'T translate well to outsiders...connor, emily, and abigail...
Precious Farm and Resort...that bus went many miles with us.
Scott's not-so-hidden jealousy of Emily's photography skills
iPad shuffleboard
Aladdin pants and the hair that escaped scissors

...I'm sure there are more.

Thanks Cambodia International Airport for the free WiFi and computer station...
And thank you Lord for getting us thus far.

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  1. Wow! The trip went by quickly for this reader...probably even faster for you participants. Anxious to see all the pictures.
    Scott's Mom.